india national cricket team vs south africa national cricket team match scorecard

The India National Cricket Team vs South Africa National Cricket Team encounters have always been a feast for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. Both teams, known for their formidable cricketing prowess, have a storied history of intense competition. This article delves into the match scorecard, timelines, stats, and standings of these two cricket giants, providing a comprehensive analysis that will satisfy any cricket aficionado.

India National Cricket Team vs South Africa National Cricket Team Timeline

The timeline of the india national cricket team vs south africa national cricket team match scorecard is rich with memorable moments and thrilling encounters. From their first meeting to the latest face-off, each match has contributed to the rich tapestry of cricket history.

Early Encounters

The first Test match between India and South Africa took place in Durban in 1992. It marked the beginning of a fierce rivalry. South Africa, having recently been readmitted to international cricket, showcased their dominance with a strong performance. However, India, led by legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble, was quick to catch up in subsequent series.

Memorable Series

  1. 1996-97 Series: This series was a turning point, with India winning the one-off Test match in Kanpur, showcasing the rise of Indian cricket on the global stage.
  2. 2006 Series: The Test series in South Africa was particularly notable for India’s historic Test victory in Johannesburg, their first-ever on South African soil.
  3. 2010-11 Series: This series ended in a 1-1 draw, highlighting the evenly matched nature of both teams. The final Test at Cape Town was a nail-biting draw, with both sides demonstrating exceptional skills.
  4. 2017-18 Series: South Africa won the Test series 2-1, but India showed resilience, particularly in the final Test at Johannesburg, which they won on a challenging pitch.

Recent Matches

The most recent encounters continue to showcase the competitive spirit of both teams. The 2019 Test series in India saw the hosts dominate with a 3-0 whitewash, while the limited-overs matches remain closely contested, reflecting the evolving strategies and talents of both sides.

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India National Cricket Team vs South Africa National Cricket Team Stats

The statistical overview of India vs South Africa matches reveals fascinating insights into the performance metrics of both teams.

Test Matches

  • Total Matches Played: 39
  • India Wins: 15
  • South Africa Wins: 16
  • Draws: 8

These numbers indicate a well-balanced rivalry, with both teams having almost equal success in Test cricket. South Africa holds a slight edge, but India’s recent performances have narrowed the gap significantly.

One Day Internationals (ODIs)

  • Total Matches Played: 87
  • India Wins: 35
  • South Africa Wins: 50
  • No Result: 2

South Africa has traditionally been strong in ODIs, but India’s victories have been significant, often coming in crucial matches, including World Cups and other major tournaments.

T20 Internationals

  • Total Matches Played: 20
  • India Wins: 11
  • South Africa Wins: 8
  • No Result: 1

In the shortest format, India holds a slight advantage, showcasing their adaptability and strategic acumen in T20 cricket.

Individual Performances

  1. Highest Run-Scorers:
    • Sachin Tendulkar (India): 2,500+ runs
    • Jacques Kallis (South Africa): 2,000+ runs
  2. Highest Wicket-Takers:
    • Anil Kumble (India): 84 wickets
    • Makhaya Ntini (South Africa): 70 wickets

These stats highlight the contributions of cricketing legends from both sides who have shaped the course of these matches.

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India National Cricket Team vs South Africa National Cricket Team Standings

The standings in various formats reflect the dynamic nature of this rivalry. Both teams have had periods of dominance and rebuilding phases, contributing to the richness of their encounters.

ICC Test Rankings

Historically, both teams have frequently appeared in the top tier of ICC Test rankings. South Africa, known for their robust pace attack, has often been a formidable opponent in Test cricket. India, with its strong batting lineup and versatile bowlers, has also secured top rankings over the years.

ICC ODI Rankings

In ODIs, South Africa’s consistent performance has kept them in the top rankings. India’s rise in the ODI format, especially post-2000, has been noteworthy. Their ability to chase down targets and perform under pressure has been a defining characteristic.

ICC T20 Rankings

T20 rankings often fluctuate due to the nature of the format. Both teams have enjoyed periods of dominance, with India often leveraging their IPL experience, while South Africa has showcased their depth and talent in the shortest format.

Head-to-Head Standings

  • Test Series Wins:
    • India: 8
    • South Africa: 9
  • ODI Series Wins:
    • India: 14
    • South Africa: 17
  • T20 Series Wins:
    • India: 6
    • South Africa: 4

These standings underscore the closely contested nature of the rivalry, with both teams having their moments of glory.


The India National Cricket Team vs South Africa National Cricket Team rivalry is one of the most captivating in cricket history. With a timeline filled with memorable matches, stats that highlight the excellence of individual and team performances, and standings that reflect their competitive nature, this rivalry continues to enthrall cricket fans worldwide.

As both teams evolve and new talents emerge, the future encounters between India and South Africa promise to deliver more thrilling cricketing moments, adding new chapters to this storied rivalry. Whether it’s a nail-biting Test match, a high-scoring ODI, or an explosive T20 game, the matches between these two teams are always a spectacle, showcasing the best of cricket.

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